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Mobil Pegasus™ 705 Benefits:

Mobil Pegasus 705 – an exceptional product line-up for the gas engine sector offers the following features and potential benefits:

Our high-performance lubricants and service programs harmonise into what we call Advanced Productivity – critical safety, environmental care and productivity benefits that can help take your business to new heights.

Match maintenance to fuel quality

A scheduled maintenance programme is essential to support the smooth running of your gas engines.

A common cause of unscheduled maintenance is fuel gas quality – natural gas is cleaner and less challenging than landfill or biogas. It is therefore important to ensure that maintenance periods are more frequent if poor quality gas is being consumed.

Contact our team to learn more and discover how high-performance lubes can form part of your maintenance programme.

“You should think of us as an extension of your own business. We can help identify lubrication solutions to meet your specific needs, creating value for your business.”

How do I monitor the condition of my gas engine?

Understanding what’s happening inside your gas engine can help reduce unscheduled downtime. This is where a used oil analysis programme service, can help.

Mobil Serv℠ services for gas engines

Make smarter decisions that advance your business. Mobil Serv technical services are designed to help you optimize your maintenance programs and machine availability to achieve your operational goals.

Oil testing accuracy reaches new heights

The Mobil Serv℠ Lubricant Analysis (MSLA) service is continually being improved and upgraded.

The latest enhancement sees the introduction of two new oil tests that will deliver even greater technical accuracy.

The new oil tests include:

  • Thermometric testing – a precision method that assesses an oil’s ability to protect against corrosive wear
  • Diluted Particle Count – a technique which measures the amount of solid contamination in a fluid

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