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Blending facility boosts capacity

AGL is focusing on converting imported products to locally blended products, with the company having released the Mobil AGRI Range earlier this month.

Despite setbacks on account of Covid-19 lockdowns and economic downturns in South Africa, lubricants distributor African Group Lubricants (AGL) has boosted its operational capacity by 500% through the acquisition of the CERA blending facility in Boksburg, in Gauteng.

The acquisition follows a long-term commitment with global market leaders ExxonMobil Lubricants and Quaker Houghton, and has secured future growth opportunities for AGL.

“The long-term commitment from our principals cemented the investment case for the acquisition of the CERA plant,” says AGL MD Mark Kerwan.

The facility has enabled AGL to embark on more projects and has made manufacturing processes more efficient, with the plant being one of ten ExxonMobil globally certified independent blending facilities.

The advanced lubricant blending facility is independently owned, ISO 9001:2015- and ISO 14001:2015-certified, and is accredited according to ExxonMobil’s global quality standards, with Kerwan noting that ExxonMobil is “stringent” regarding quality and processes concerning safety in the blending of their products.

Hence, AGL sales manager LR Botha assures that the lubricants produced by AGL meet global industry standards.

“A lot of work was done by AGL to ensure that the blending facility was up to standard to get it ready to embark on local blending of ExxonMobil’s products. Quality and safety are crucial aspects of our operation,” says Kerwan.

The CERA plant has also enabled AGL to increase its product portfolio by manufacturing lubricants locally, which has, in turn, allowed for an increase in employment and workforce numbers.

Kerwan says the company aims to further boost its workforce by 10% in the next year.

In addition to being awarded the rights to manufacture automotive lubricants in South Africa by ExxonMobil, AGL has also been granted local blending rights on certain product ranges for the mining, construction and agricultural sectors, into which the company plans to expand.

Therefore, AGL plans to stimulate local economies by creating employment opportunities and further cementing its position as a “leading player” in the lubricants industry, locally and across Southern Africa.

With a “proven track record”, a growing market share and the capabilities to expand its operations, the company is well positioned to achieve its growth objectives, Kerwan enthuses.

He notes that increased capacity, skills and products position AGL as one of the leading suppliers of premium lubricants, greases and industrial fluids in Southern Africa.

Kerwan says that AGL will expand into new territories in Africa to supply ExxonMobil products into countries such as Mozambique, Botswana and the Democratic Republic of Congo, with Quaker Houghton also looking to expand its reach.

“We are finalising and appointing some distributors in these areas that will represent the ExxonMobil product range, with Quaker Houghton potentially doing the same,” says Kerwan.

Blending facility boosts capacity (

Centlube wins TSAM Suppliers Award 2017

It’s with immense pleasure that we announce that Centlube has won the TOYOTA SOUTH AFRICAN MOTORS 2017 Supplier Achievement Award for Outstanding Service

Watch Clint Nickall, drive around with Ignition TV, Insight’s host, Lindsay Vine

Watch Clint Nickall, drive around with Ignition TV, Insight’s host, Lindsay Vine, in a BMW M4, while she interviews him and uncovers a little more about the person at the helm of Centlube/AGL!

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Stefanutti Stocks’ field study demonstrates ExxonMobil oil supports its operational efficiencies’-field-study-demonstrates-exxonmobil-oil-supports-its-operational-efficiencies

Stefanutti Stocks has become the first company in South Africa to have a field study performance endorsed by ExxonMobil Global Lubricants. The two companies, together with Centlube (South Africa’s authorized distributor of Mobil lubricants) recently completed an optimum oil drain interval (ODI) study, with the specific objective of increasing the oil drain intervals on Stefanutti Stocks’ fleet of Komatsu HD 465 rigid dump trucks.

“Improving operational efficiencies is a priority for Stefanutti Stocks,” says Jerome Christian, Stefanutti Stocks Construction & Mining business unit’s engineering manager. “We use approximately 230 000 litres of lubricant across our group operations annually; reducing this consumption would see us decreasing operational costs substantially, while also reducing our environmental footprint. An increase in our equipment availability would of course also increase our productivity on sites.”

The multidisciplinary construction group owns a fleet of over 1 700 pieces of equipment across its operations in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. These are utilized by its Mining Division; Roads, Earthworks & Pipelines division; Stefanutti Stocks’ local general contracting operations in Zambia, Botswana, Nigeria, Mozambique and Swaziland; as well as by its Geotechnical, Civils and Marine construction divisions.

The ODI study was conducted over a period of three months and followed a performance monitoring protocol, provided by ExxonMobil. A key focus was to assess the performance of Mobil Delvac MX 15W-40, as a preferred engine oil for Stefanutti Stocks’ mixed fleet, in place of the competitor engine oil, the construction group has been using.

“We conducted regular used-oil analysis and carefully monitored the test vehicles performance during the ODI study, and were able to increase the oil drainage intervals from 250 to 1000 operating hours,” says Colin Henneberry, lubrication field engineer for ExxonMobil South Africa. “We are confident in recommending the oil used in the study, Mobil Delvac MX 15W-40, to Stefanutti Stocks – it provides high thermal and oxidation stability which results in reduced sludge buildup and deposit formation, as well as increased viscosity.”

Sixteen of Stefanutti Stocks’ HD465 fleet are now using the new Mobil lubricant. “Based on our assessments during the field test, our conservative estimate is that this particular fleet will work an additional 5.95 per cent (or 44 hours) on the Mobil Delvac MX 15W-40,” says Christian.

In numbers, this translates to the following improvements, per annum:

  • Safety: 608 hours (the overall hours of exposure are reduced).
  • Environmental care: 17,328 litres (fewer litres of oil used).
  • Productivity: R4 749 591 (revenue saving, considering both direct and indirect saving)

This field study is just one of the many examples of how Stefanutti Stock is exploring improving its operational efficiencies, and successes like this, could have far-reaching effects when rolled out across its entire equipment fleet.

An official endorsement signing event, held at Stefanutti Stocks Johannesburg-based Plant Yard on Monday 29 January 2018, was attended by representatives from Stefanutti Stocks, Centlube and ExxonMobil, including representatives from its Africa and Middle East (AME) office in Egypt. “As a Planned Engineering Services (PES) customer, we consider Stefanutti Stocks to be our partner,” says Gawad Nabil, ExxonMobil distributor markets chief engineer for AME. “We’re here to contribute to their over-arching objectives, by providing lubrication solutions that are efficient and cost-effective. We look forward to continuing to share our knowledge, expertise and successes over many years to come.”

Stefanutti Stocks has a reputation for being entrepreneurial, innovative and forward-thinking, and is relentless in its efforts to increase operational efficiencies and decrease environmental impact across the group. “We are extremely proud to have been part of this first of its kind in South Africa,” says Eric Blom, Stefanutti Stocks Construction & Mining business unit’s plant director. “We are now looking forward to exploring new solutions and building a strong partnership with the teams at Centlube ExxonMobil.”

Pictured at the official endorsement signing event, at Stefanutti Stocks in Gauteng, are representatives from ExxonMobil and Stefanutti Stocks. Standing from left to right are: Gawad Nabil – AME FDS market chief engineer, ExxonMobil Egypt (S.A.E.); Ossama Sharaan – Africa Middle East chief engineer, fuels & lubricants marketing, ExxonMobil, Egypt; Vincent Cartier – South Africa cluster manager, ExxonMobil South Africa Marketing. Seated from left to right are: Colin Henneberry – lubrication field engineer, ExxonMobil South Africa Cluster and Jerome Christians – Stefanutti Stocks Construction & Mining business unit engineering manager.

Redefining the truck stop concept

ExxonMobil and its authorised distributor in South Africa, Centlube, are to join forces with Michelin Truck Service Centre (MTSC) and Laser Fast Truck & Trailer Wheel Alignment (Truck Stop) to add a new and exciting dimension to the truck stop concept.

MTSC Laser Fast is a one-stop service centre, for all heavy-duty vehicles where all repairs and checks are done on customer vehicles, including brake testing with sophisticated equipment and oil changing. With the addition of ExxonMobil and Centlube, premium products will now be added to the truck stop facilities.


“By combining the expertise of Michelin and ExxonMobil to expand our workshop, we can now provide our customers with some of the world’s leading brands supported by unparalleled service. Together we can build an unrivalled offering in the wheel and tyre fitment, as well as in the lubricant market, and thus strengthen our position further as industry experts,” says Henry Young, MD of Laser Fast Truck & Trailer Wheel Alignment.

“Our ‘one-stop-shop’ concept focuses on the truck and bus industry, not only on tyre-related services but also diversifying into products and services that vehicles may need while they are off the road. That is why we couldn’t pass an opportunity to partner with ExxonMobil,” says Gaganjot Singh, commercial director, Michelin Tyre Company South Africa.

“We were first on Michelin’s list when they were looking for a partner to align with, to make this truck stop one of a kind. This was thanks to ExxonMobil’s worldwide reputation and technologically advanced products,” says Clint Nickall, CEO of Centlube.

“Distributors are a key enabler for successful implementation of our value proposition, they are our primary route to market, already delivering more than 70% of the ExxonMobil lubes globally. ExxonMobil believes that distributors create value for our customers. They provide the requisite customer intimacy, which supports our operational and technical excellence,” says Andreas Hadjidimitriadis, ExxonMobil field marketing adviser, Southern Africa and Nigeria.

“Centlube has maximised our geographic reach and achieved superior customer engagement and service levels. It provides a local presence with local inventory to provide for more flexible customer service, and creating lasting relationships, demonstrating our capabilities and increased commitment to the South African market and further into the African continent,” adds Hadjidimitriadis.

Centlube is expecting its involvement in MTSC Laser Fast to have a significant impact on sales. “In the initial phase, there is the potential for ExxonMobil Delvac MX 15W40 to see sales estimated at about 1 040 l per month,” says Nickall. “Monthly usage is expected to increase once awareness has been created and new customers sign.”

Hadjidimitriadis says challenges for the trucking and fleet industry pertaining particularly to commercial vehicle operators include variable fuel prices, cost efficiency regarding running and maintenance of older and newer trucks, as well as squeezed haulage rates. In addition, operators are faced with helping customers meet their own sustainability targets and minimising empty run rates.

The partners’ intention behind their involvement with MTSC Laser Fast is to assist the fleet owner. “Mobil Delvac MX 15W40 is specifically designed to keep your fleet on the road for longer, giving you longer drain intervals and less downtime. Mobil Delvac MX 15W40 can increase your energy efficiency, saving you money on fuel consumption and is the ideal product,” says Nickall.

“Michelin Tyre Company South Africa is excited to partner with Laser Fast Truck and Trailer Alignment. Our goal is to ensure that we always meet our customers’ needs, hence we strive daily to demonstrate our responsiveness, our passion and our innovative capabilities through quality products, cost-effective solutions and increased safety at all times,” adds Singh.

“We are excited to become part of the MTSC Laser Fast enterprise. By combining our expertise, we can provide our customers with some of the world’s leading brands and an unparalleled service,” concludes Singh.

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Propak Cape 2017, 24-26 October 2017

We exhibited and sponsored the Propak Cape 2017 event which took place 24-26 October 2017.

Electra Mining Africa 2016

Electra Mining Africa 2016
12-16 September 2016

Interview with: Centlube CEO, Clint Nickall and the ExxonMobil Sales Director, Lawrence Kearns

Change Your Game, 28 Oct 2016

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  • The 2016 National Small Business Survey has found that a majority of small businesses, 76% of which have been in operation less than five years, cited a lack of funding and poor cash flow as the biggest obstacle preventing growth in South Africa. To find out more about the findings of the survey, we speak to Mike Anderson the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC)
  • Our Game Changer is Thembi Sithole who started out washing cars in a panel beating shop. Soon, she was repairing plastic bumpers and promoted to receptionist. What nobody foresaw was that 13 years later, she would become an equal partner to her boss and owner of her own motor body repairing business, G&T Auto.
  • We also speak to Bandile Dlabantu, a young South African, original form the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa who founded Khepri innovations in 2013, a bioscience innovation company operating in the nutrient bioconversion space. Biotechnology is a highly specialised field generally thought to be reserved for large high-tech pharmaceutical and other medical or agricultural heavy weights.