AG Lubricants

Quaker Houghton offers a series of specialized fluids for all applications from metal machining, through to forming, forging, cleaning and corrosive protection.

We also provide a complete range of hydraulic and lubricating products, including greases, ensuring greater operational efficiencies for your machine. Quaker Houghton in recognised as the leading brand for fire resistant fluids.

Our activities focus on markets such as steel and production of non-ferrous metals, manufacturing of automobiles and auto components, bearings, aerospace, energy, manufacturing, packaging, machinery and equipment or construction material as well as mining and offshore.

Our managed services and solutions support our customers’ operations.

QH FLUIDCARE™ Managed Services

On-site, sustainable solutions from the leader in fluid management solutions.

QH Equipment Solutions

Partnerships with equipment manufacturers to support customer goals in minimizing costs and gaining operational efficiencies.

QH Technical Services

Field technical support and professional fluid testing for every product category.

QH Engineering Services

Customer process analysis and recommendations for fluid technologies, process changes, and equipment upgrades to improve operating performance.

We take on our customers’ challenges as our own, bringing the right combination of science, engineering, and business savvy so they can meet the future fully confident that their operations will run even more efficiently, even more effectively... whatever comes next.

The industry leader in industrial process fluids.

Formed in 2019 by the combination of Quaker Chemical and Houghton International

Our dedicated Engineering team have over 20 years experience of delivering value based solutions to our customers.

Innovations that prepare customers for the future.

Continually refine and innovate to deliver ever better, more effective solutions. R&D investment = 2.8% of revenue

Legacy of industry = firsts: