AG Lubricants

African Group Lubricants acquires state-of-the-art blending facility and strengthens global partnerships

African Group Lubricants (AGL), a subsidiary of the JSE-listed enX Group Ltd, acquired CERA blending facility, after securing a long-term commitment with global market leaders ExxonMobil and Quaker Houghton.

With the recent acquisition, AGL has boosted its operational capacity by a whopping 500%! This means that AGL now offers toll-blending and warehouse facilities, further securing future growth opportunities while enabling the company to more than double its permanent staff in the past three years.

The innovative lubricant blending facility is independently owned, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified, and is accredited according to ExxonMobil’s global quality standards.

Currently, AGL already offers lubricant solutions to key industries ranging from transportation to retail, industrial, renewable energy, containers (canning), steel, and others.

Apart from being awarded the rights to manufacture automotive lubricants in South Africa by ExxonMobil, AGL has also been granted local blending rights on certain product ranges for the mining, construction, and agricultural sectors where it will be expanding into.

“AGL’s vision is to keep expanding our locally manufactured product portfolio and offer competitive solutions to our customers in South Africa and surrounding countries,” Mark Kerwan, AGL managing director.

The company has been successful in offering world-class products at locally competitive prices due to its ability to blend internationally acclaimed brands and the capacity to manufacture local products.

Partnering with global industry heavyweights in manufacturing and distribution ensures that AGL’s products adhere to international best practices, technological competence, and cutting-edge business solutions.

“Quaker Houghton is excited to be a long-term partner of AGL. Together we strive to empower our customers with full confidence that they can meet the future efficiently and with ease,” Andrew Laurens, Quaker Houghton commercial director, Southern Africa, MEA.

AGL draws from the world-class expertise of each global partner’s research and development, experts, and technical teams to improve their customer services.

These teams develop new technology to ensure that products offered in the market are highly efficient.

As a result of the top-rated expertise, AGL has noticed an increase in product demand and customer satisfaction.

AGL provides customers with more than just product; it offers a comprehensive lubrication solution incorporating, among others, the Eclipse Magnetics range of filtration products.

The specialty services comprise of an in-house team of lubrication engineers who test equipment and conduct product trials at the customer site. These insights help AGL tailor a lubricant or grease solution to the customer’s specific application and equipment. This is to ensure that it provides optimal energy and cost-saving solutions to its clients.

AGL’s private label, Centlube, hosts a complementary range of ancillary products such as coolants, antifreeze, engine cleaner, and brake fluid.

By diversifying its product range, AGL now caters to a broader customer base and enjoys a strengthened position in the marketplace.     

“Eclipse Magnetics are delighted to be represented by AGL in South Africa. We have been really impressed with their excellent business and technical knowledge of the lubricants market. They have been instrumental in achieving sales growth and awareness of our products in the region. We believe that people power an organisation, and AGL have a first-rate, highly professional customer-focused team that is easy to work with,” Dan Beaulieu, Eclipse Magnetics, UK.

AGL plans to further expand its footprint in the Southern African market in the coming years. This growth will stimulate the local economy by creating employment opportunities and will help cement AGL’s position as a leading player in the lubricant industry, locally and across Southern Africa.

With a proven track record, a growing market share, and the capabilities to expand its operations, AGL is well-positioned to achieve its growth objectives and to continue delivering exceptional value to clients. The increased capacity, skills, and products position AGL as one of the leading suppliers of premium lubricants, greases, and industrial fluids in Southern Africa.