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Eclipse Filters for the gas engines industry

Ultrafiltrex Magnetic Filter The Ultrafiltrex combines high performance magnetics with optimum flow dynamics to capture virtually 100% of ferrous contamination in pipelines. Compared to traditional membrane or barrier filters such as, strainers, baskets, or cartridges, the Ultrafiltrex offers an alternative that saves time, money and the environment. Suitable for use in upstream, midstream, and downstream locations, the Ultrafiltrex ensures a cleaner, higher performance end product through sub-micron particle size removal. No consumables ensures a reduction in waste disposal costs and environmental impact. CONTROLLING BLACK POWDER INNOVATIVE PIPELINE SOLUTIONS With over 100 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of high-performance magnetic systems, we serve the oil, gas and aviation fuel sectors with a range of premium solutions for critical operational pipeline problems, such as pipe corrosion, contamination, and black powder filtration. Our engineers’ have used their unrivalled knowledge of magnetics and fluid flow dynamics to develop a range of value adding solutions which deliver proven results in time, money and environmental savings. Our pipeline solutions for black powder filtration are backed by first rate customer service and a network of worldwide support engineers ensuring we offer the most cost-effective, long-term solution for your application. There are many ways of trying to control black powder accumulation, traditionally membrane or barrier filters such as cyclones, separators, cone or basket strainers are used. However, they are generally limited in terms of particle size they can collect and are prone to reducing flow. They also use consumable filters which can be costly and incur expensive waste disposal costs. Disposing of consumable filters also has an environmental impact adding to pollution and landfill. More recently, advances in in magnetic technology and enhanced understating of fluid flow dynamics have given rise to the development of high performance magnetic filters such as Ultrafiltrex, which extract sub-micron sized particles and do not rely on consumable components. Ultrafiltrex uses the latest magnetic technology to solve resource sapping problems created by pipeline rust or black powder, which forms when iron in the pipeline wall reacts with other compounds to form corrosion. Ferrous contamination in the pipeline quickly blocks conventional porous filters such as cartridges, strainers, basket filters or cones. This leads to excessive costs of replacing consumables, downtime and specialist waste disposal. In addition, conventional filtration is limited by particle size collection which means that fine particles continue to flow, causing abrasive damage to components and valves leading to replacement costs and flow restrictions. Ultrafiltrex combines high performance magnetics with optimum flow dynamics to capture virtually 100% of ferrous contamination in the pipeline. It delivers a rapid return on investment by ensuring a cleaner end product and significantly reducing consumable filter costs, complex waste disposal charges and downtime.
  • High performance Neodymium magnetic cores – capture sub-micron sized particles • Modular, low weight design • Quick release mechanisms ensure easy cleaning • Full stainless steel construction – operational lifespan of >50 years • 90 bar operating pressure • No consumables, no running costs • Flow rates up to 10,000m³/hr (multi unit assemblies)
Ultrafiltrex is a premium product and we support it with a premium service. We work with clients to provide the optimum Ultrafiltrex solution, the service includes:
  • Pipeline sampling and contamination analysis • Product design to suit flow rates and connections • Installation guidance and set up to suit flow rates • Ancillary equipment such as lifting gear for cleaning • Safety, maintenance and operating training
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